kick-off meeting of BUILDHEAT European project

RIGENERA took part as a partner and coordinator of the demo case of Rome, in the borough of Colli Aniene

RIGENERA is partner of the BUILDHEAT project and coordinates the demonstration area of Rome. The project aims to reduce the consumption of the 3 demonstration areas (Rome, Manchester, Zaragozza) up to 80%, thanks to new solutions and interventions of deep energy retrofit.

Photo: project manager, Roberto Fedrizzi, presents the project's expected work and expected results.

A moment of meeting.

Karina Koessler, presents the administrative procedures and the project grant agreement (680658)

A moment of meeting

Sharing of  Work Plan and chronogram 2016-2019

A moment of the second day of meeting. Presentation of the 7 work packages of BUILDHEAT.

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