11 June 2016 - 4th Quarter party at Colli Aniene in Rome - Demo Case of BUILDHEAT project

Ri.Ge.N.E.R.A. participate in Quarter Block Party at Colli Aniene c/o Parco dell'Anfiteatro


RI.GE.N.E.R.A. introduces "BUILDHEAT" european project, aimed  to the energy efficiency of existing buildings.


An european Community for the dwelling's energy efficiency

Citizens can subscribe to the newsletter of the project and the residents of the building demo case can apply to become "energy conservation ambassadors


A first questionnaire for the Sustainable Community is coming soon

A survey to know the needs of citizens in the energy field and to raise awareness of sustainability issues.


Parco dell'Anfiteatro

Via Meuccio Ruini

00155 Rome

Email: info@reterigenera.eu

RI.GE.N.E.R.A. Working progress