Seminar on Energy Efficiency in Rome during the EUSEW 2017 - 3rd July 2017

Energy efficiency in existing buildings: the pre-conditions for an effective intervention.

The seminar will present information and synergies about 3 European projects co-financed under the Horizon 2020 Programme:  "BUILDHEAT", "SMART-UP", "GUARANTEE".


Seminar Agenda                3rd July, 2017

Istitutional greentings

Roberta Dalla Casa 

President of IV Municipality - Roma Capitale


New urban development models - RIGENERA's contribution to the Colli Aniene District Demo case: the innovative european project BUILDHEAT.

Stefano Rocchi, Presidente Rete RIGENERA


The sustainable district: between participation and technological integration

Carlo Proietti, vice presidente Consorzio AIC


The precondition to achieve high building energy performance

Pierluigi Cavicchioni, architect


The incentive tools for energy efficiency improvements on real estate

Mario Nocera, ENEA (Agency for new technology, energy and sustainable economic development)


Building information modelling for Sustainable Building and best practice example under the European project “GuarantEE”

Anna Moreno, Chemical Engineer, senior researcher and project manager at ENEA 


Engineering solutions and thermal insulation in the building

Fabrizio Martini, Engineer expert in energy management 


SMART-UP – H2020 European project - Training for professionals and consumer support 

Marina Varvesi - AISFOR


Buildheat project: Not just technology but an opportunity for cultural exchange among the inhabitants

Giorgio Scavino, euro-project advisor 

The seminar is organized under the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) and in coordination with the "BuildHEAT" project (GA 680658) devoted to urban regeneration through highly innovative solutions for the energy efficiency of buildings in the Colli Aniene district.

Other 2 European project will take part at the Seminar co contributing to the discussion on sustainable energy actions:


The  "SMART UP" project (GA 649669), coordinated by AISFOR and aimed at increasing awareness of vulnerable families on household energy consumption (how much and how they consume) and to help them in adopting new energy efficient consumption habits through training of and assistance / information from social workers and energy technicians (e.g. installer of smart meters) working directly with vulnerable consumers (frontline staff).


The GUARANTEE project (GA 696040) which sees the participation of the ENEA and has the objective of aims to develop innovative business and financing models for performance-based ESCO projects.

Meeting organized under the European Energy Week (EUSEW) in coordination with the european projects BUILDHEAT, SMART-UP and GUARANTEE, co-funded by the Horizon 2020 European Program.

article on seminar took place on July 3rd 2017
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Largo Franchellucci, 69 Roma 00155


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The seminar is held under the European Sustainable Energy Week and co-ordinated by RIGENERA, partner of "BUILDHEAT" european project, devoted to urban regeneration through highly innovative solutions for the energy efficiency of buildings in the Colli Aniene district.


During the event will be show some aerial photographs of the Colli Aniene district offered by Emiliano Folletto, SAPR pilot, and Ettore Luglini, architect.