1st-2nd March 2016 - Second meeting of BUILDHEAT project in Saragozza

RIGENERA visits the Spanish pilot area characterized by a social housing object of the deep energy retrofit

Ri.Ge.N.E.R.A. partecipated in the second transnational project meeting of BUILDHEAT, held in Zaragoza, in Spain.


Participants visited the Spanish Demo Case in the Oliver district.

From 1 to 2 March, the European project BuildHeat held its second meeting in Zaragoza, Spain. The consortium also got the change to visit the demo site, in the Oliver district.


Among the various activities organized during the two days, the consortium has participated in parallel sessions planned and focused on particular challenges of the project: 

  • on the concept of two different heating and cooling technologies, both based on the use of air to water heat pumps and of local thermal tanks to be installed in each dwelling of a multifamily house;
  • on the design of a multifunctional façade solution allowing to include insulation, cladding and pipelines for the heating and cooling system.

The partners from the 3 demo cases, specify located in Rome, Salford and Zaragoza have started the audit activities in each demo site, in order to search for the most suitable financial solutions to individual cases.

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