RIGENERA have met the founder of AIRLITE

Massimo Bernardoni, founder of AIRLITE, participated in the public seminar organized by RIGENERA under the BUILDHEAT European project.

The innovative painting patented by Massimo Bernardoni is already internationally known.

The innovation lies in the ability of the inorganic interior paint "Airlite" to reproduce the photosynthesis and transforming the walls of housing, offices and schools into solar powered air purifiers.

The remarkable achievement of Airlite can also be seen in a famous public work in Rome, the Traforo Umberto I (linking Via Nazionale with Via del Tritone) painted with Airlite in 2007 is still amazing today: its results are lasting over time.

Now, RIGENERA is awaiting (supposedly in November) the results of a new product (aerogel), designed for thermal insulation of building structures, which would give the double benefit of energy saving and retraining costs of the retrofit.

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