5th BUILDHEAT Project Meeting

The 26th and 27th September 2017 was held in Rome on the 5th meeting of the BUILDHEAT project. Two days' work on the three buildings demo case and on the financial issues to contain the cost of private investment for deep energy retrofit of existing buildings.

Furthermore on the 28th of September, was held the workshop titled "Innovative Technologies and Financial Mechanisms for the Regeneration of Residential Buildings" at LEGACOOP in Via Guattani, 9 - Rome. The materials and presentations of the speakers can be seen only in Italian version.

Innovative technologies and financial mechanisms for the regeneration of existing residential buildings

September 28th, 2017 - WORKSHOP c/o LEGACOOP - Via Giuseppe Antonio Guattani 9, Rome

The seminar was attended by experts in the field of construction, finance and politics, highlighting the technologies, current legislation and financial instruments developed under the BUILDHEAT project for the deep retrofit of existing buildings, starting from 3 Demo cases in three EU pilot areas, respectively in Rome (Italy), Zaragoza (Spain) and Manchester (United Kingdom).

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